Somali Family Safety Task Force is a non-profit organization that thrives providing programs and resources to Somali families in a culturally appropriate way. These programs include leadership development, domestic violence prevention, youth related activities, violence prevention, networking, sewing and weaving projects, and ESL classes. The Somali Task Force’s programs are created to help Somali families become more successful and stable in the United States. Our resources include advocacy, referral, interpretation and translation, working with schools, and community awareness.

Current Programs:

Youth Leadership Program (YLP)

The Somali Family Safety Task Force’s Youth Leadership Program engages 10-12 young East African youth (Somali, Ethiopian, Eritrean, Oromo) ages 14-20 in an effort to promote and empower the community’s youth towards positive growth and healthy development while slowly transitioning into adulthood. The program presents educational, employment, communication, leadership, and self-empowerment skills to ultimately reduce risk of potential gang involvement, school-to-prison pipeline, and/or community violence. Additionally, positive connections, health, safety will be addressed through peer mentoring and role models who are professional people of color.

Weekly on Fridays from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Sept.1, 2017- Nov. 30th, 2017


The project’s aim is to promote and empower East African youth’s healthy development and transition through emerging adulthood, by providing opportunities for education, healthy community engagement, leadership skills, and decrease related risk behaviors and potential involvement in gangs or community violence.

Run for Change

Women’s Sewing Class

Basket Weaving

Intergenerational Communications Workshops

Somali Community Mobilization on Gender Based Violence (GBV)