Youth Program

Some of our youth who received computers. Without reliable access to a computer, it was difficult for many of them to meet the expectations of their teachers. Getting a late start in learning due to unavailability of computers made it difficult for students to catch up with their peers and complete all of their homework efficiently. All of them are proficient in using computers to complete schoolwork. The majority of assignments are typed and internet resources are used regularly for homework help. Websites are even implemented by some schools that allow teachers to post their homework assignments online.

Access to computers will make this process easier in many ways. Also, it provides a way to communicate with old friends and family regardless of location. The ability to communicate with people they know is beneficial to their mental well-being. Due to COVID-19, the physical barrier that separated immigrants from their friends and family is now increased, and they can share the experience. Furthermore, even in isolation, they can create digital communities that offer support and networking.

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