Somalia’s Zamzam Farah as she competes in a women’s 400-meter heat at the 2012 Summer Olympics, London. Farah, who sought asylum in London after competing in the 2012 Olympics, ran in the British capital’s marathon on Sunday April 23, 2017. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner, File)

Run For Change aims to provide a structured, supportive environment for students and their families to engage in their respective communities through long-distance running, community advocacy project development, and individually-developed mentorship in order to eliminate racial gaps in health, improve student self-worth, and improve access for voicing the passions of our immigrant and refugee community to policymakers. We envision the program as a means to inspire students to view running as an enjoyable daily routine, encourage students to discover and develop intrinsically-motivated goals, provide students with qualified and trustworthy mentorship, and instill in students a sense of safety and comfort within their own communities. We strive for our students to recognize their own passions for social justice under the guidance of expert consultants, so that their aims for improved structural support in South King County are heard by those with the power to influence long-lasting change.

At least once per week, youth and their mentors will engage in running activities that concentrate on developing greater running form and efficiency, injury prevention, daily nutrition, positive food purchasing behavior, healthy sleeping patterns, and proper stretching. The program aims to provide this weekly frequency for a 10-month training cycle, culminating in the running of one of the races during the June Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon (Full Marathon, Half Marathon, or 5k). Youth and their mentors will also develop community change projects, which include will provide students with the opportunity to generate, build, and promote their ideas for greater immigrant and refugee rights advocacy under the guidance of monthly advocacy consultation.

Want to run with us? 

Your valued commitment would include a weekly run with our students and their mothers, plus all the free high-fives and smiles you’d like!

Join us on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays at 5pm at our NewHolly Location (7054 32nd Ave S., Seattle, WA 98118) by RSVPing here or here! And, don’t forget to register as either a mentor or student here!


Send them to Program Manager, Jim McCue, at or call him @ (908) 512 – 3864