Farhiya Mohamed, Executive Director, Founder

Farhiya Mohamed is a native of Somalia and a local leader in community organizing. Farhiya received her Master of Social Work from University of Washington (MSW) and her BA in Human Services at Evergreen State College while working as a Family Advocate with Southwest Youth & Family Services in West Seattle. Prior to Southwest, Farhiya worked as a Bilingual/Bicultural advocate with the Refugee Women’s Alliance (ReWA). For more than 10 years, Farhiya has worked assisting and advocating for domestic violence victims within the refugee and immigrant communities in King County. Farhiya has been a member of numerous community organizations including founding member and Vice-Present of the African Community Network in Seattle-King County, steering committee member of Seattle-King County Public Health community research project, board member of the National African Immigrant Refugee Women Network (NAIRWIN), and City of Seattle Commissioner Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs, and founder and Executive Director of the Somali Family Safety Task Force which is dedicated to empowering and advancing the local Somali community by educating families on ways to prevent domestic and gender-based violence and strengthening community. Farhiya’s passion is to empower and advance youth & families by giving them a chance to address the issues they face and providing them with resources.


Mohammad Ismail, Program Manager

Mohammad Ismail joined the Somali Family Safety Task Force in 2019. He grew up in the Northwest of Pakistan. He describes some parts of the Northwest of Pakistan, where the average young woman is up early to run errands for her family. He squats to flame the dung-cake fire with a puff to make morning tea and roast cornbread. What she calls a kitchen has no running water, gas, electricity, or refrigerator. There were no newspapers, no books, no advertisements, no street names, no maps to read. Now, living in Seattle, his passion continues to be part of community building.


Ad, Program Manager

Ad is multilingual and brings vast non-profit experience ranging from joining as an undergrad one of the largest international student-led leadership development organizations to working with reputable non-profits like Columbia Legal Services and Refugee Women’s Alliance. As a first-generation immigrant, Ad relates to the challenges of the immigrant community and is devoted to working on empowering immigrant and refugee women and their families by removing barriers and celebrating their cultural richness. Hobbies include spending time with family and friends, learning new things, and enjoying the outdoors when it’s not raining.


Sharif Amin, MA, Program Manager                                                                                                                                                      

Sharif Amin is fluent in Arabic, English and Somali. He holds a Bachelor’s in applied linguistics. Master’s degree in peace studies – honors in Contemporary Diplomacy. Sharif is a trained mental health professional. In his field of graduate education included programs that focused on the systematic study of international politics and institutions, global population studies, foreign policy analysis, national security and strategic studies, the comparative study of specific countries and regions. Sharif’s under-graduate included linguistics of second language acquisition methodology.

Sharif worked in Darfur/Sudan as bilingual and international trauma counselor; He represented (RMSC) a nonprofit organization that assisted survivors of torture and war trauma, and their families, to heal and rebuild their lives. In this capacity, Sharif helped shape international policy in Monrovia, Liberia. He interacted with representatives of Economic Countries of West African States (ECWAS) with respect to human rights violations and crimes against humanity. Sharif is a networker focused in grass-roots community organizing, a coalition builder, a resourceful leader, outgoing and result driven.


Saida Alim, MSW Digital Coordinator

Saida Alim, has been involved with community work in the past 8 plus years in many different capacities as Housing and Policy Advocate with SHA,   advocate. Saida also was a Fellow Intern, EAC  through RVC.  Practicing mental health therapist and has worked in the field for the past years. Graduate from the University of Washington with her master’s she is passionate about the work she does for the community and strongly believes in uplifting impoverished, disenfranchised immigrant/refugee and communities of color.




Sama Abdi, Youth and Family Specialist                                                                                                                                                                       

My name is Sama Abdi and I’m a youth and family specialist at SFSTF (Somali Family Safety Task Force). As a case manager, I dedicated my life helping and supporting my community as well as interpreting both in medical and social. My education background based on social work and early childhood have given me the skills to work as preschool teacher, and a child-care provider for over 8 years. My goal is to help my community by making their lives easier and help them navigate the system. A fun fact about me is I grow my own vegetables.  




Sokhna Niang, Outreach and Community Engagement Specialist                                                                                                                      

Sokhna is a native of Senegal and a mother of one girl. She has recently joined SFSTF (Somali Family Safety Task Force) as an Outreach and Community Engagement Specialist. Her passion and understanding of child development gave her first-hand experience with the diverse challenges some rural communities are facing and solidified her desire to work on sustainable solutions and community empowerment. For over 7 years she has been a lead teacher in programs adapted to different learning styles in French for non-profit organization schools in Oregon. Sokhna enjoys cooking, traveling, reading, and making crafts.



Omar Hassan, Youth Development                                                                                                                                                                                 

My name is Omar Hassan. I am a recent graduate from the University of Washington with a major in Sociology and minor in Informatics. I am passionate about working with youth, especially young males because I’ve always wanted to me the role model and leader I never had growing up. For a fun fact, I love playing and watching basketball!



Amal, Youth and Family Specialist                                                                                                                                                                                   

My name is Amal Ibrahim. I am passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion, especially in healthcare. I am currently in my last year of receiving a bachelor’s degree in healthcare leadership and a minor in teaching, justice, and law. The vision that Somali Family Task force has for the nonprofit organization is something that I have always been an advocate for. As an immigrant myself, I can understand and sympathize with the difficulties they are experiencing or may face in the future.

As a youth specialist, my goal is to create a welcoming environment for adolescents and their families while encouraging and developing young people’s creative and innovative potential. I want to be able to help navigate students to discover their interest and reach their full potential. A fun fact about myself is that I love to travel!

Board Members

Ahoua Koné, JD, MPH Clinical Assistant Professor at UW Global Health, Director at Health Alliance International (HAI), and Immigration Attorney:

Ahoua Koné is a Lawyer, a Program Director with Health Alliance International, and a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Washington Department of Global Health. She is a native of Côte d’Ivoire. Ahoua’s work has been on health research and community empowerment projects both locally and internationally. She is an activist, always trying to help uplift voices that are neglected or oppressed. She is a founding member and past-president of the African Communities Network in King County and has served on several advisory boards and commissions including the Washington State Commission on African-American Affairs, the Seattle Human Rights Commission, the Planning and Oversight Committee of Seattle Public Schools, the Search Committee for the Seattle Police Department Chief. Ahoua is also a co-founding member of the Somali Family Safety Task Force, an organization for which she continues to be committed to helping thrive. Ahoua was a recipient of the Seattle University School of Law 2013 Vanguard Leader of the Year award and the Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow Award (2000). Ahoua and her husband are parents of two young men. Ahoua is thankful for the support of her extended family and friends and for the numerous opportunities presented to her to contribute and give back to the community.

Saido Jama:

Saido Jama works as a Procurement Agent for Boeing in Seattle, WA. Before this role, she was a Supply Chain Analyst. She is well-versed in contract development, vendor/supplier relationships, negotiations, production optimization, and logistics. Saido holds a Manufacturing
and Supply Chain Management degree from Western Washington.

Saido joined Somali Family Safety Task Force as a board member in 2019, she was captivated by their mission “to empower immigrant and refugee women and their families by providing
culturally appropriate services that embody the core values of our community”. As a fellow Somali and immigrant herself, she could relate to the difficulties of navigating in a new country and wished an organization like this existed when she was growing up. SFSTF brings enormous value to the communities it serves and is for the community. A fun fact about Saido, she has toured on most of all major Boeing aircraft.


Robin Tatsuda, MSW/ Executive Director Serving The Arc since 2012:

Robin specializes in outreach and advocacy for people with developmental disabilities such as autism, Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, and epilepsy.  Robin believes that disability is a form of diversity and that disability rights are human rights.  As many immigrant and refugee families have disabilities, Robin is excited to bring her expertise to the SFSTF.  Fun fact, Robin and Farhiya, Executive Director of the SFSTF, went to graduate school together!



Mohamed Abdi, MPH: 

Mohamed currently works with the City of Seattle’s Department of Education. A
longtime Seattle resident and community advocate, Mohamed has worked extensively
with youth and families in schools and in social services agencies.

  •  Mohamed is one of the founding members of SFSTF and currently a board member who
    has passionately dedicated his time and energy in serving the mission and vision of the
  • He stayed the course with his sister Farhiya and SFSTF since then. What kept him going all these years was farhiya’s passion in serving her community through years of volunteering and after an, I have had the distinct honor of working with sister Farhiya to support her efforts in providing services to the Somali community in areas of immigration, emergency needs, healthcare, and other support for families as they arise.
  • Farhiya’s dedication to the Somali community is obvious through her strong work commitment
    and passion that compels her to service in the name of humanity.

Gyanendra Subba, MBA /Lead Career Coach, SHA

Rania Mussa , Bachelor of Arts (B.A) History:

Rania Mussa works as a Solutions Architect designing technological solutions for clients to meet their ML and AI needs. After earning her bachelor’s from Whitman college, Rania worked in the education sector for a couple of years. First with a non-profit that serves immigrant and refugee families to help close the achievement gap for k-12 students. She later joined a start-up focused on using technology to transform how students read for deeper comprehension. Most recently, she worked with health researchers on innovative informatics is driven projects to improve the health outcomes for patients. In her day-to-day, she is driven by the desire to produce results and make an impact.

Rania was drawn to the Somali Family Safety Task Force because of its mission “to empower immigrant and refugee women and their families.” SFSTF is not only a community-centered organization but at its core, it is embedded in the very fabric of the community it serves as a community-led, and community-run organization. The organization is well-positioned to address many of today’s challenges as they emerge and is exceedingly adaptive to communal needs.


Fathiya Abdi, MPH University of Washington   

Fathiya Abdi currently works as a health policy analyst for a community health organization. She is passionate in her belief that health is a human right! Her interests include increasing health equity and health access for communities especially immigrants and refugees. One of the main reasons she joined SFSTF was her firm belief that communities should be at the forefront and provide the tools and resources to achieve their best quality of life. SFSTF, unique to many organizations, is community-based AND community-driven. It utilizes a community-based participatory framework and a social determinant of health lens to address health inequities in the immigrant/refugee community. SFSTF’s mission and values deeply resonate with her especially being born to Somali refugees, herself.  She seeks work that creates and cultivates healthy communities. A fun fact about Fathiya is that she is a twin.


Abdi Y. Jama

Abdi Y. Jama received a B.A. from Western Washington University and a Masters of Law in Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine University. Abdi is an Immigration Program Manager and a member of the Director’s Social Justice Cabinet at Catholic Community Services of Western Washington. He has been providing advocacy and legal immigration services to the immigrant and refugee communities in the state of Washington for over two decades. Abdi has worked with numerous Non-profit and Governmental Organizations in the State of Washington and in East Africa as a policy, social justice, and legal immigration consultant. He is also a conflict resolver, mediator, arbitrator, ombudsman, peace. builder, and trainer. He specializes in resolving complex multi-party conflicts internationally and designs conflict resolution systems for governments, NGO organizations, and employers. Abdi is on the roster of volunteer mediators for Los Angeles, California’s Institute for Nonviolence.

He is Statebuilding and Democratization Program Manager at New Access International (NAI). A research and development agency established in 2012 by multi-disciplinary practitioners and specialists in Somalia. NAI is a registered civil society organization in the Federal Republic of Somalia. Mr. Jama has been involved in law and policy research with development organizations for over 15 years.

Abdi Y. Jama is pleased to serve as a board member of the Somali Family Safety Task Force (SFSTF). He has worked with the founder, Farhiya Mohamed in different capacities and shares her passion for the refugee and immigrant communities. Abdi understands the importance of serving the underserved communities in the state of Washington and applauds Farhiya’s commitment to these populations. Farhiya has all the right ingredients to operate and direct a grass-roots organization and has always gone above and beyond with her community activism.

Fun fact: Abdi Y. Jama has so far been to 37 States in the United States. Only 13 to go yay!