Somali Family Safety Task Force is a non-profit organization that thrives providing programs and resources to Somali families in a culturally appropriate way. These programs include leadership development, domestic violence prevention, youth related activities, violence prevention, networking, sewing and weaving projects, and ESL classes. The Task Force’s programs are created to help Somali families become more successful and stable in the United States. Our resources include advocacy, referral, interpretation and translation, working with schools, and community awareness.


  • Promote self-sufficiency and empowerment by creating economic stability for all.

  • Empower Somali women through leadership and advocacy training, and educational programs.

  • Prevent violence against Somali women and their families through education, training and access to prevention resources.

  • Ensure that the voices of Somali women and their families are heard.

  • Create programs for economic development and self-sufficiency.

  • Collaborate with local public health groups and schools to promote better access to education