Today’s Leaders For Tomorrow is a six-week summer youth program provided by the Somali Family Safety Task Force to NewHolly youth​ between the ages ​of ​15​ and ​19. The program will provide youth with career and college readiness opportunities, access to local resources via community collaboration and networking, and programming specifically designed to broaden the scope of opportunity and possibilities and ​​inspire self-efficacy. The program will be youth-driven,​ as program ​participants ​will provide direct feedback regarding program design and implementation. Each week will have a different theme, ​including (but not limited to):

  • Financial ​L​iteracy​
  • C​ollege​ & Career Pathways
  • Civic Engagement &  Advocacy
  • Community Investment & Philanthropy
  • Health & Wellness, and
  • Art

In order to introduce our youth to opportunities throughout Seattle, we will have weekly field trips and speakers that align with the weekly themes. We anticipate the field trips including tours of local technology company offices, engaging with community-based organizations, and hiking local Seattle Parks and Recreation trails. Examples of potential speakers include local activists and CEOs of Fortune 500s. The program begins July 10th and ends August 18th. Classes are four (4) days a week (Tuesday-Friday), three (4) hours a day (10 a.m. – 2 p.m).

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