All Together Now. Safeguarding Our Refugees and Immigrants
October 23, 2020
6:00 – 7:00 pm

By donating to the Somali Family Safety Task Force, you invest in a dedicated and vibrant community-based and community-driven organization!

Your donation has a direct impact on the Somali and East-African community as it gives us the necessary flexibility to quickly adapt to the needs of the community. Our community is depending on us and through your donation you are a part of our response.

Our actions speak for themselves. When the Governor’s “Stay At Home” order came into effect in March 2020, we rapidly adjusted our programs so that the Somali and East African community would continue to receive our valuable support including: delivering groceries on weekly basis, assisting with rent and utilities, supporting gender based violence survivors and other type of violence survivors, and advocating for and navigating systems operating remotely. We showed up! Refugee and Immigrant communities are disproportionately hit by the Covid-19 Pandemic, thus increasing our challenges. One of our strengths is to adapt to the community‘s needs. As soon as we identified gaps in providing access to ethnic food, we advocated and successfully secured funding for it! But while we constantly work on securing traditional funding, it takes time and it is more restrictive. In situations where time is of the essence, having access to flexible funds secured by your financial contribution, makes it possible for us to deliver a faster and better tailored response to the needs.

When schools suddenly closed, we knew that our youth’s ability to connect with Somali and/or East African peers was more important than ever. We quickly transitioned to platforms like Zoom and continued to offer them mentoring and tutoring through weekly meetings. Our hard-working and dedicated staff goes above and beyond every day and we want to provide them with the financial resources they need in order to expand and add even more value to our current programs.

The Somali Family Safety Task Force is a resilient organization! Despite the challenges that the Covid-19 Pandemic brought, we have continued to educate and empower parents through our Systems Navigation workshops. We went virtual and individually guided community members to join us on our digital platform. We created a space for learning and open conversations with speakers varying from King County Juvenile Court, DCYF, Seattle Public Schools, partnering non-profits, and many others.

When the beginning of the school year came around, community members expressed concerns about navigating online learning and we facilitated a meeting with the Principal and Vice-Principal from one of the elementary schools in the area. This way, our parents were better equipped to support their children and set them up for a successful school year. Thanks to supportive community members, we also equipped some of our youth with their own laptops! We are an active and proactive voice of the Somali and East African community and your financial contribution will amplify our voice and impact!

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